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Design Fees:

Here at Pionarch, we understand that our clients have different needs. That is why our services are need-based. We are not trying to sell you a Mercedes if all you need is a Honda. To make things easy for current and future clients, we’ve divided our Design Services into 3 tiers.


On some occasion the only drawings that clients need is floor plans. Plan drawings include dimensions, notes and sometimes demolition notes. If you need more than floor plans, see Tier 2.

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This particular tear is for people that need documention for contractors as well the permitting packet for inspectional services.

Consultation Fees:

Our combined consultation fee is $175 per hour.

Usually, it takes one hour for a walk through. Our consolidated fee for the consultation is 175 for an hour. The next day you will receive a summary of our visit.

Commercial Design Fees:

Please call us for a free consultation.

First, we send a copy of our qualification package to you and your partners. After the initial meeting, we send a proposal for your approval. The proposal is the agreement to proceed with the project.

Please see the following images to learn about our typical commercial fee structure.

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