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Home Renovation – Salem, MA

Historic Home Renovation, Salem, Ma

The purpose of this project was to completely gut and redesign the interior of a home in the historic district of Salem, MA, as well as some minor exterior work.┬áThe client’s wish was to update the windows in order to increase energy efficiency throughout the house and refurbish the exterior of the building so it keeps its original appearance. Working closely with the Historical Commissions in Salem, we were able to take care of the necessary failures of the building envelope and yet maintain the building original look.

Home Renovation Project Plan

The original house had wood siding under aluminum cladding that was applied in the 50’s. We had stripped off the ugly and uncovered bead up wood that needed to be fixed. The roof had to be exchanged to match the Historical Society Guidelines. We were able to use aluminum gutters, even though our preferred option was fiberglass gutter that would mimic the wood profile.┬áThe framing of the house was deteriorated and the 2x4 studs did not meet the new building code. There was no insulation in the walls and roof. The heating equipment was old and the windows were falling apart. The interior and exterior walls of the house needed to be rebuilt. We replaced the studs with 2x6’s and added layer of insulation required by code.

Home Reonvation Project Results

Pionarch was able to re-design the interior of the home with a contemporary twist. The first floor level had two staircases and we had blocked one of them for the purpose of creating Walk in Closet on the second floor and a very functional layout of the Master Bedroom Suite. The first floor did not have any bathroom. There was only one bathroom in the entire house. The new layout presented incorporated the powder room and laundry next to the kitchen as well as one bathroom and one Master Bath on the second level. The beautiful plank floors were refinished and new floor was installed where missing. The bathroom tiles selection as well as accessories matched the style of the house. The kitchen became pleasant and functional with white color cabinets to brighten the space.


The biggest challenge in the house was the basement and the chimney. Chimneys are very characteristic to represent a certain style, therefore Historical Commissions want to maintain them. The chimney in this house was falling apart once we had uncovered it. We had to go back to the board for an approval to remove the chimney with the provision the owner will build a fake chimney in the future.

Pionarch was able to remodel the last house on Warren Street that was left for years without being refurbished. The neighbors are very happy to see the change and curiously come in to inspect it. We take pride of the project as it is a big challenge to work on a project full of surprises. I think the lesson for homeowners of historical houses is – have 30% contingency, as you never know what you will be facing after you take the plaster off.

Our clients’s Reaction

“I was very impressed with the job that Pionarch did in the complete redesign of my home. It was an extensive job. Lydia was incredibly professional, and both the attention to detail along with the technology were amazing. I am a Realtor and refer the company on to people looking to have similar work done.”



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