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Yin-Yang philosophy
Whether it is a small or large project, the level of involvement of both Lidia and Michal are superior. The couple is driven by challenge and always expand their solution capacity by simply being involved in each others thinking process. As it is well known Yin-Yang can be thought of as complementary forces interacting to form a dynamic system in which the whole is greater than the parts. Everything has both yin and yang aspects: with Lidia’s analogical analysis and artistry, her friendly yet persistent nature, and Michal’s discovery of constraints, resolutions, and his honest approach with clients; they are able to perform to exceed clients’ expectations.

Our Policy:

We are reliable and creative and passionate. We respect your time and use your money effectively. We do not give free design advise at the consultation, but we serve you well when you hire us.

Why You Will Want to Work With Us

  • We are responsive, positive, and friendly
  • We bring European perspective to design solutions
  • We enjoy teamwork
  • Creativity is always important to our design solutions
  • We are always honest to ourselves and to our clients
  • We will never push our design ideas on a client who does not want them
  • We always create solutions within the context of a home or the character of a space
  • Energy efficiency is very important to us
  • We care about the well-being of the planet and all of its inhabitants
  • We design customized spaces using true customization or we can work with systems that have standard sizing
  • We always offer high quality work for a medium range cost
Lidia Szydlowska

Lidia Szydlowska

Owner/Founder - Architecture and Interiors

Lidia Szydlowska, Associate AIA has been designing for over 15 years. She holds both Architectural and Interior Design degrees and is experienced in both residential and commercial projects. Her specialty is designing corporate offices, new homes and redesigning existing residences. Her artistic vision embraces innovation and logic for creating beautiful, functional buildings reflecting client’s life or workstyles.

Lidia was born in Poland. As a little girl she had been drawing, playing accordion and always curious to discover the world. She came to United States in 1994 and two years later started studying bachelor of Sciences in Interior Design. After she finished her degree she started to work for an architect and developed a new passion – architecture. In 2003 she started Master’s of Architecture at Boston Architectural College while studying she was working for years for large and small architectural firms in Boston and suburbs mainly designing houses and corporate offices. After she finished her Master’s Degree in Architecture she became an entrepreneur and soon developed her own dream – business of design. Today Lidia works closely with her husband Michal running Design Build Model. She also had refined her corporate office design model bringing it to Corporate Real Estate holders, tenants and non-profit organizations helping them define their brand in office space.

Lidia’s passion and energy is passed to her clients, employees, friends and family members. She is always setting up high standards for herself and her boutique business model.

Michal Szydlowski

Michal Szydlowski

Owner/Founder - Contractor

Michal Szydlowski came to United States from Poland in 2005. He soon started his construction company in 2006 continuing his true passion towards construction and building technology.

Michal had always built. His father took him to construction sites and showed him how things go together. He entered Law School at University of Bialystok, Poland but his heart was in construction. He came to the United States after three years of studying law and opened up his own construction company. Studying law taught him logic and practicality. To this day he achieves his goals methodically. His ideas are always achievable with budget in mind.

Michal started to build up his business from tiling bathrooms, building decks and small kitchen renovations. He now specializes in remodeling and new construction homes. He grew his business on an outstanding reputation and repeat clients. He is always perfecting his business model and continuously growing by working closely with his wife Lidia on integrated design-build vision.

John Hamilton Hale

John Hamilton Hale

Director of Design - Architect

John Hamilton Hale, AIA Registered Architect MA, VA, MD, NH

John has built his architectural career over the past 40 years working on a wide range of project types, both in the U.S. and abroad. He brings a strategic perspective to the often complicated planning and design process and is an innovative problem solver, balancing project goals with the culture, budget and vision of each client.  He is skilled in management of complex projects with both design and technical skills that assure timely and cost effective performance.

Diana Syriani

Diana Syriani

Senior Designer - Architecture and Interiors

Diana Syriani completed her architectural bachelor degree in Aleppo university and she is a registered architect in Syria. She thinks life is a journey one has to discover through variety of places and experiences. Her journey right now is in schematic design where she is able to make the major decision to form the perfect picture. She came to America to continue to develop her career through a unified vision of making ideas into reality. She developed her skills through special interests: painting and playing guitar. Diana is intelligent, passionate, patient, and detail oriented. She blends with the diversified culture of the office adding positive attitude and time management skills. Diana’s ultimate goal is to be a manager and Pionarch is the opportunity for her to make it happen.

Roxana Castillo

Roxana Castillo

Graphic Designer

Roxana ‘s main objective is to inspire people with her work that is so passionate about and to help others achieve their processional goals through her design creativity.She completed her bachelor degree in graphic design  in “Dr. Rafael Belloso Chacin” university in Maracaibo, Venezuela. Roxana is part of Pionarch’s team. She specializes in logo and graphic design needs for Pionarch and its clients who put a lot of attention to branding and company standards.

Design your vision… Build with precision.