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What Are The Design Build Benefits?

What is Design-Build? It's the fastest growing and most popular method used to deliver construction projects. Design-Build companies differ from each other. Some have designers as staff, some subcontract architectural firm and/or interior design team to design the...

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Color is the Character of a Space

Why do we always specify the finishes at the last stage and in a rush? Aren’t the finishes just  as important as the design and layout? Colors have very important rules in every space, whether it's residential or commercial. They can be a tool to help in achieving the...

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Contemporary House Design

Not all new homes are designed and built from scratch. One thing that sets this home apart from others is that it was designed and built on top of an existing foundation of a house that had burned down. While tragic, this fire gave an opportunity for a new, more...

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Key Points to a Productive Office

Long gone are the days where you work in an office for a few years and develop back problems for the next 50 years. There’s a new revolution in workplace productivity and comfort. Owners are beginning to take notice of how productive their offices are and how to...

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Modularity in Design

As children, we continuously play with building blocks, LEGOs, puzzles, and so on. Our mind is designed to take things and put them together. When these pieces are the same or modular, our creativity expands into another world of puzzle solving. The question arises of...

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