Commercial Interior Design Firm, Boston MA / PionArch


Here at PionArch, we value our clients, our designs, and our team. We do different types of interior design projects ranging from small office renovations to large scale commercial buildings. Our goal has always been to bring forth a new idea or a new way of thinking about commercial design. Our team is made up of architects, artists, designers, and longtime learners. We value the idea of always learning something new and thinking outside of the box.


We are here to help you create functional, flexible commercial and retail spaces that everyone will enjoy. Our specialty is designing offices, lobbies, cafeterias, restaurants, small shops, daycare centers, and small schools. We are here for the owners, customizing the designs to their unique needs.

We are “story makers”, displaying the brand and culture of firms that would like to break through in a competitive market and succeed. The experience of your commercial or retail space depends on people’s perception; however, a well-choreographed space with textures, colors, materials, shapes, and lighting improves people’s well-being and promotes their interaction with others.

Boston is a very competitive business market and in order to compete, both in hiring top talent and in attracting new clients, your commercial interior design needs to display your company’s brand and culture – whether that’s with a classic and stately interior design for a law firm, or a fun and bold interior design for a startup tech company. At PionArch, our commercial interior designers will listen and work with you to create exactly the interior design that you are looking for, including creating spaces that are both attractive to look at and functional for getting the job done on a daily basis.

Design your vision… Build with precision.