Beyond Architecture – Interior Specifications:

Pionarch’s Design Team provides Interior Specifications in a form of detailed plans with information of finishes such as tiles, windows, doors, wood finishes, flooring, backsplashes, appliances, plumbing fixtures, colors schemes, light fixtures and furnishings. Understanding that these can be tough and time consuming choices, our team will gladly assist clientele with either the decision making process or point clients in the direction of our many connections. 

The decision process is a difficult one to make and our team will guide you into the proper direction, we’ll show you the difference of styles, industry standards as well as specialty items. Having many connections helps see more options than you would when looking on your own. Once everything is chosen a mood board can be created.

Mood boards:

When choosing specs it can be difficult on how the finished product will look so we create mood boards mock ups to show the visual connection between materials and colors. This helps paint the complete image in the clientele’s mind. 

Specification Spreadsheet:

Specifications spreadsheets with pricing is part of the interior design  service and Tier 3 design at Pionarch. Some basic permit plans do not require detailed specifications to be approved. The right determination is made at the beginning of the project and it is based on pricing. 

The spreadsheet is an easy way for the clientele to stay organized with finishes, appliances among other materials. The spreadsheet tracks how much spending has taken place to make sure clients stay within their project budget.   

Example of typical specifications: