Step 1: Project Guide

Pionarch is a design-build firm focused on energy efficient and cost effective designs. We try to understand each client’s needs and design with all of them in mind. This collaboration with the client is what helps ensure that our design is more than satisfactory.
Pionarch is a design-build firm. This means that we offer construction services as well as design services. Our team of contractors, when chosen as the construction team, is dedicated to building all projects with a high level of quality, making sure the client is satisfied with the results.

Pionarch is a small firm, but the range of our capabilities is wide. While we enjoy designing new spaces for our commercial clients, we are also able to help redesign interiors. This can be in the form of specifying furniture and millwork, redesigning color schemes to help our clients have a more customized space, or re-doing and improving the lighting in a commercial space, for example.

Pionarch has many specialties when it comes to commercial architecture. We can design or redesign spaces like offices, lobbies, cafeterias, and vestibules, to name a few. We like to have our designs focus on incorporating our client’s brand in order to make the space truly feel like it belongs to them.

Design your vision… Build with precision.