Step 2: Our Process

Once we receive a call, email, or request:

  • We make contact either through responding back via email or calling directly
  • We have a conversation with the potential client to see if we would be a good match (personality-wise)
  • We would ask you questions about the project
  • We explain the process it would take to get the project done
  • We speak about budget
  • We speak about the project’s timeline
  • We arrange the meetings

Please note:

  • We do not come to give you advice, but to meet you and get to know the project scope as well as restrictions (code required limitations)
  • If you would like us to come and give you advice on a design or decision, we charge on an hourly rate for our time at the site.

At The Meetings:

  • We walk through the space and get an understanding of the scope and budget for the project
  • We help you develop an idea of cost if you are unclear on how much projects can cost
  • If we come to an agreement on all of the above, we send you a written proposal explaining our services and fees.

Our Proposal:

  • Is broken up into 3 parts
  • 1) Schematic design/Design Development w/ Specs & budget based on per Sq. Ft. Cost Values
  • 2) Permit Documentation – See List of Drawings or Typ. Set
  • 3) Construction (w/ construction administration) – See Construction
  • Includes Budget Sheet, Construction Progress Requirements, and Construction Loan Process


Schematic/ Design Development – 6% total renovation new house budget

Permit Documents (Including Structural) and Construction Admin. – 3% of cost Proposal

Project Close-Out – Final affidavit, occupancy permit

End Result:

Well-designed house/spaces that has 10%-25% value above comparative properties.

Design your vision… Build with precision.