Welcome New Clients!

Pionarch is a small firm, but the range of our capabilities is wide. While we enjoy designing new spaces for our commercial clients, we are also able to help redesign interiors. This can be in the form of specifying furniture and millwork, redesigning color schemes to help our clients have a more customized space, or re-doing and improving the lighting in a commercial space, for example.

Pionarch has many specialties when it comes to commercial architecture. We can design or redesign spaces like offices, lobbies, cafeterias, and vestibules, to name a few. We like to have our designs focus on incorporating our client’s brand in order to make the space truly feel like it belongs to them.

Step 1 – Our Process

Once we receive a call, email, or request:

  • We make contact either through responding back via email or calling directly
  • We have a conversation with the potential client to see if we would be a good match (personality-wise)
  • We would ask you questions about the project
  • We explain the process it would take to get the project done
  • We speak about budget
  • We speak about the project’s timeline
  • We arrange the meetings

Please note:

  • We do not come to give you advice, but to meet you and get to know the project scope as well as restrictions (code required limitations)
  • If you would like us to come and give you advice on a design or decision, we charge on an hourly rate for our time at the site.

At The Meetings:

  • We walk through the space and get an understanding of the scope and budget for the project
  • We help you develop an idea of cost if you are unclear on how much projects can cost
  • If we come to an agreement on all of the above, we send you a written proposal explaining our services and fees.

Our Proposal:

  • Is broken up into 3 parts
  • 1) Schematic design/Design Development w/ Specs & budget based on per Sq. Ft. Cost Values
  • 2) Permit Documentation – See List of Drawings or Typ. Set
  • 3) Construction (w/ construction administration) – See Construction
  • Includes Budget Sheet, Construction Progress Requirements, and Construction Loan Process


Schematic/ Design Development – 6% total renovation new house budget

Permit Documents (Including Structural) and Construction Admin. – 3% of cost Proposal

Project Close-Out – Final affidavit, occupancy permit

End Result:

Well-designed house/spaces that has 10%-25% value above comparative properties.

Commercial Design Fees

Here at PionArch, we understand that our clients have different needs. That is why our services are need-based. We are not trying to sell you a Mercedes if all you need is a Honda. To make things easy for current and future clients, we’ve divided our Design Services into 3 tiers.

On some occasion the only drawings that clients need is floor plans. Plan drawings include dimensions, notes and sometimes demolition notes. If you need more than floor plans, see Tier 2.

Order this service.

This particular tier is for people that need documentation for contractors as well the permitting packet for inspectional services.

Order this service.

Order this service.


Usually, it takes one hour for a walk through. The next day you will receive a summary of our visit.

Commercial Design Fees

Please call us for a consultation.

First, we send a copy of our qualification package to you and your partners. After the initial meeting, we send a proposal for your approval. The proposal is the agreement to proceed with the project.

Step 3 – Contact Us To Get Started

Now that you’ve gotten a glimpse of how we work, what our process is, and how our prices are set up, the final step is to contact us for a consultation.

Please contact us to begin the process. We hope to hear from you soon!

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