Cafe Interior Design

Cafe Interior Design

Pionarch recently completed an internet cafe design as part of a competition. This project was an excellent opportunity for the Pionarch team to experiment with restaurant and cafe design. The location of this cafe was to be in Papua New Guinea, so our first step was to look at the traditions, history, and cultures of the area. This research is what helped us decide on the colors, patterns, materials, and furniture styles for this design.

Cafe Interior Design Outcome

Our goals for the design of the internet cafe design were to have separate zones for the users to enjoy. These zones included 2 workstation areas with in-house computers, work stations for those who bring their own devices, a dining area for those who just need a spot to sit down and have a small meal, a kitchen/service counter, and an in-house printing area.

The design consisted of locating a bar area, different types of sitting for food and technology stations. The style of the space was dictated by the client’s likes of rustic style. We used program guidelines and worked closely with the team on achieving the desired effort. The results are shown through series of renderings from all corners and floor plans were explored through series of ideas. Our final effort complied with the requirements yet differed from competitors as we did not use rectilinear progression trough space. We used diagonal pathways that changed the character of the space into a lively, happy cafe interior.

Another important factor in cafe interior design is lighting, color and texture. These three used in combination successfully contribute to setting the mood and decor. Remember – less is more is always better. Although some cultures like festive combination of color and pattern, but at some cases it is distracting the guest and leaving him in confusion. Our preference is to create harmony between objects and lighting yet leaving enough room for playful, targeted moments.

Cafe design is fun!

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