Curtiss-Wright Office Design


The goal of this project is to create an integration of the history and mission of Curtiss-Wright with the attributes of New England’s professional sports teams. The importance of the design is to recreate spaces that are functional, visually appealing, comfortable and promote productivity and efficiency within the workplace. The style of the conference rooms are inspired by Curtiss-Wrights’ business interest and identity through new graphic walls that represent the brand’s professionalism, success and inspiration. Additionally, there is a carefully thought out furniture selection process, which includes pieces for the reception area, conference room and café.

Design Mission

The mission behind the design choices is to produce an updated contemporary space that will enhance creativity and collaboration for a newer generation of workers. With the office space having little natural sunlight, it is important for our design choices to bring in a well balanced contrast of light and dark colors to help brighten the space. Wall graphics are a large part of the design mission. These graphics are an integration of the company’s paramount historic background and New England’s sport teams ( Bruins, Celtics, Patriots, and Red Sox ), which combine the drive and powering forces behind both components.

Design Vision

Creating a well organized design that promotes collaboration and improved employee productivity is the goal we are trying to achieve. With that comes specific design choices in furniture, floor accents, lighting and wall art. The choices for these elements will also highlight the company’s mission within the aerospace industry. As an aviation company we are choosing chairs, conference tables, and desks that are inspired by the materials used for aircraft parts. Within the hallways we will continue the homage of the company’s history with facts and images of the events & people who helped bring the company to where it is today. Two conference rooms that unite employees and promote the workforce will include moveable whiteboards, new seating and wall graphics that include the Red Sox, Patriots and historic aviation pictures from the company’s archives. With these specific design components, we are working to create a space that highlights this company’s most influential history and vision that will flow throughout the communal rooms of the Curtiss-Wright office.

Curtiss-Wright Logo

Scope of Work

Square footage: 20,000 sq. feet

The scope of work for this project is to complete a new interior office space redesign for Curtiss-Wright at their newer office location in Tewksbury, Massachusetts. This includes creating contemporary conference rooms, a reception area, a café, open office spaces and training rooms for new and future employees. The team has the opportunity to provide moodboards, diagrams, floor plans and schematic designs as a visual strategic plan for the overall project execution.