Full Home Renovation by PionArch, LLC.

Project Description

Full Home Renovation
Area: 5,251 sq. ft.
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 4
Open Concept Kitchen and Dining Room
Semi-Private Large Living Room
Private Den
Two Garage spaces




When it comes to renovating an existing house, style is always important. Do you keep with the original style of the home or do you change it entirely? Do you keep some parts the same? In this project we kept the bathroom layouts the same, while aiming to change everything else, interior and exterior, to a more contemporary design. The focus of this project was to make a home that would stand out in a conventional neighborhood where almost every house is a single story suburban home –to break away from uniformity. One of the defining features designed for this project was the roof. With hips added to almost every edge, this roof is entirely unique from everything else existing in that area.


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