Home Interior Design Renderings, Boston, Ma

Home Design, Boston, Ma

Interior Design for City Apartments 

Square Footage of Bedroom: 168 Sq. Ft.

Square Footage of the Living Area: 415 Sq. Ft.

Home Design

Living in a city apartment can be constraining. The goal for the homeowner living in the city is to hire an interior designer who will understand in the goal of designing small spaces. Most of the time that goal is to maximize open space and storage by providing built-ins that are tightly designed to the shape of the rooms. What this means is custom furniture design.


Home Design Plan

The scope of this apartment design included a custom built-in sofa with shelves on the back for the living room, a custom bed frame with storage all around for the Master Bedroom, a custom desk/make-up station for the Master Bedroom, as well as new ceiling elements in both areas.

Home Design Results

Pionarch has accomplished what an interior designer should accomplish. We were able to present the ideas in 3D. The realistic rendered perspectives show the location and materials used in the built-ins. 3d imaging help client to understand the project before it gets to be built.

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