Weston Mansion, Weston, MA

Weston, MA Barn Restoration by Pionarch

Project Description

The Pionarch Architecture and Design team had the exciting task of preserving a Weston, MA barn built in 1880 and turning it into a luxury mansion. Because this specific home is located within a historic district, the scope of work included preserving the existing condition of the main house, while adding an addition to the side, and creating a large outdoor entertaining space in the backyard, including a pool and a pool house.

For the design of the exterior, we planned to preserve the structure and the historic look of the existing condition. Where large barn doors used to be in the front of the house, we replaced them with two separate large sliding doors that let plenty of natural sunlight flow into the first floor. As for the addition, we wanted to add modern touches, which included a mixture of modern windows, colors, and materials. The entire design for the interior compliments the exterior with a transitional and contemporary style. Walking through the front doors, the entryway contains floor to ceiling windows that create an entire view of the backyard, including the landscape and pool. The backyard was transformed into a luxurious entertaining space. A large deck connects the back door of the home to the lower level of the pool, pool house, and patio area.


Working within a historic district, we ran into some challenges with the existing topography. The existing condition of the home is placed on a large hill. With the dynamic topography of the back yard, there were many challenges with connecting the home to the amenities in the backyard. Our plan was to create an outdoor entertaining area with a pool in the backyard, but with the large decline of the topography, we had to strategically create a large deck that connected the back of the home to the entertainment patio. With this design plan, we were able to create a seamless path from the back exit of the house to the pool area.

Another challenge we faced was when we were connecting the basement of the existing building to the new addition. When the house was originally built in 1880, the foundation of the home was made out of large stones. To make the house up to code, we had to bring in a structural engineer to take out the existing foundation wall and replace it, so it will safely pass inspections.