Residential Design / Build Services

PionArch is a comprehensive design and construction team serving homeowners in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. We bring creativity, quality, and commitment to our collaborative process of design and construction. We believe in timeless design solutions reflecting the client’s needs and practical, environmentally sensitive, construction technology.

Home Design Services:

Architectural Design
Interior Design

PionArch specializes in remodeling, additions, and new construction. We work both as a team or on an individual basis, separating or phasing the services per the customer’s wants and budget.

Home Remodeling and Renovation Services:

The role of the builder:

Builders (general contractors) provide construction services based on construction documents and are best suited to define construction methods and sequences, estimate costs, and coordinate the work of subcontractors. The builder provides an estimated construction fee projection and schedule for the work.

Your contract with the builder may be based on a lump-sum price or be billed on time and materials, or a “T&M basis”.  It could be with or without a guaranteed maximum price, or “GMP”, determined at the start.

As the client, you are ultimately responsible for selecting and paying your builder. Do not begin any work until you have signed contracts detailing the work to be done, the schedule, and the amount and timing of all payments.

To find out if your builder is registered to do business in Massachusetts or New Hampshire, call the Home Improvement Contractor Registration Office at (617) 727-8598.

Hiring a “Design/Build” Company:

Hiring a “design/build” company allows you to obtain both design and building services from a single source. It saves time and money. PionArch, LLC offers design and construction services together or separately. Integrated design/build strategy allows us to provide better service, seamless communication, and quality control.

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Design/Build Process


At this stage, Pionarch, LLC will begin the pre-design process, get to know the client, and figure out what best fits their needs. If an agreement is reached, there will be a pre-construction agreement signed by both parties.


At this stage, Pionarch, LLC will begin the design process. This stage is very important as it will illustrate and describe the client’s vision with the designer’s inspiration.

It is critical to begin by establishing a realistic budget that both the client and the construction team are comfortable with.

During the design process, the designer and contractor will work together on material and product selection.


When the client gets to the point of signing the construction agreement, the designer and builder can begin to specify detailed parts of the design.


Pionarch will begin to plan how the design will get to the build phase with the budget and end result in mind. This may include permitting, scheduling, and pre-construction meetings.


After the planning stage, the project is constructed with a high level of quality. Everything is included in one contract, so there will minimal change orders and no re-design required.


After the competition of the project, PionArch offers a warranty which will cover more than a standard warranty given by most contractors. This is because the designer and contractor are working together throughout the process.


Design your vision… Build with precision.