Bathroom Remodeling and Renovations

A bathroom has three basic requirements. It must be functional (plumbing), waterproof (again those details) and relaxing (no matter what style). Washing is part of our daily ritual. We come out rejuvenated and ready for the next activity or rest. It must look sanitary therefore the materials used should be easy to maintain and clean. Bathrooms must reflect our personality and should be designed with privacy in mind. Here is where you are thinking about sharing or separating with your mate. Here you are making the decision about what is your personal preference: tub or shower.

Experienced Bathroom Remodeling Design & Renovation Team

PionArch, LLC is a comprehensive design and construction company that specializes in bathroom design and remodeling services in homes throughout Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

We bring creativity, quality, and commitment to our collaborative process of design and construction to ensure that your bathroom remodel is everything you envision it to be. We believe in timeless design solutions reflecting client needs and practical, environmentally sensitive construction technology. We work as a team or on an individual basis, separating or phasing the services per our customer’s wants or budget.

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