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Interior Design – Interior Designer

In the past, interior design was grouped together with the process of building. By hiring us as your experienced interior design team we will ensure that we effectively use your surrounding space to reflect your well-being and own functional space. At PionArch, our interior designers work with clients on creating spaces they will love to be in. The spaces must reflect the client’s personal style so they feel happy and relaxed. We always think inside-out and outside-in to create a house that looks unified.

In the process of interior design in residential applications, we discuss our client’s daily routine and how they move around the house. We talk about their character and the way they function throughout the day. This is how we determine the client’s needs for the space. We look at different photographs of interiors to determine their style. We field measure existing conditions and analyze the existing spaces. In the schematic design phase, we come with a laptop and projector to make a presentation of the design. We can make changes to our designs while talking with the clients. Sometimes, it is necessary to connect virtually through different media. Our conversation and the client’s involvement in the project does not stop until we are done with the project.

Communication is the key to a successful interior design project and a happy relationship.

In later phases of the design we develop details, choose materials and colors, as well as furniture and lighting. We coordinate our drawings with engineers. At the end of the design process we select the contractor and come to the site to verify that everything is being built according to the drawings.

A bathroom has three basic requirements. It must be functional, waterproof, and relaxing. Bathrooms must reflect our personality and should be designed with privacy in mind.

The best kitchens are warm, inviting, and personal. A well-designed kitchen is one with high-quality materials and details. A good layout has a combination of storage, function, and aesthetics.

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