Modern Kitchen Remodel

5 Tips to Design a Dream Kitchen

A kitchen is the heart of activity, center of attention and plays a key role in home design. It is the most expensive room in your house. More often than not, kitchens are more than just a place to cook. The combination of functionality, values, and aesthetics help enhance the space. While also creating a more welcoming area for family gathering and guest entertaining. To create the perfect contemporary lifestyle you need an architect and an interior designer to lead you throughout the process. Many kitchen projects require rethinking of the dining, living room and other first floor spaces.

Modern kitchen remodels create a concept that highlights the clients’ needs and lifestyles. In order to create a welcoming feeling, designers create open floor plans where they can integrate kitchen and dining areas. In order to spend quality time with friends and family, the kitchens end up being the most visible part of the living space.

Throughout the design process, homeowners want the kitchen remodel to be as seamless as possible. So there are a couple of questions that each homeowner considers, before a consultation.

  • How much can the remodeling cost?
  • What are my design options for my kitchen?
  • Which materials and colors do I want to have in my kitchen?

Planning to complete a kitchen remodel and renovation is a great step homeowners can make in increasing the overall value of their home. It is important to set up a budget from the start to understand the goals of the project. In the consultation we set up a wish list that shows the main needs of the clients. Moreover, the quality of square footage of the project is the determinant of the scope of work as well as the desired components. Before you start budgeting, find out about the cost of appliances, plumbing fixtures, tiles and cabinets. It is always a good start to call us for a consultation as we are familiar with pricing and most of the time we can provide you with a ballpark figure.

The Pionarch team has a strong background in architecture, interior design, and it has its own construction team. 

Our design team oversees the entire project, including budgeting, materials, cabinets styles and so forth. We guarantee the most pleasant experience with the most innovative solutions.

The specific design for the work area in the kitchen is a key element to ensure the cook has an appropriate space to prep work. We start with the functionality, circulation, separation and flow. Then, we go through these 5 steps:

#1 – Choosing Kitchen Cabinetry

Identifying the style of the kitchen is one the first steps to start the process and finding the right cabinetry is important to have a cohesive overall vision. The cabinetry plays an important role in the aesthetic and functionality. In this phase, the designer works with the homeowners to select the cabinet door’s style, finish, color, hardware, and fittings. Cabinet costs may vary depending on where they come from. Many European kitchen cabinets are well suited, however they may take longer to arrive or may cost more in general. They do provide nice solutions to organized, functional cabinet interiors and the finish materials tend to be a good quality. American cabinets are mostly traditional in style. Depending on your current house style they may be best or less suitable for your project. The last solution to choosing kitchen cabinetry is to order it from a millworker. Most of the time this direction provides you with the most flexibility.  

#2 – Choosing Plumbing Fixtures

Choosing sinks, faucets, and pot fillers is part of the work you should expect to get assistance from your design expert. The designers do rely on the specifications and the information provided by their plumbing experts. To best plan your kitchen, it starts at your designer’s office. We bring you on a design journey with us, by going to the stores with you and selecting your fixtures.

#3 – Choosing Appliances

The Pionarch team guides the client to ensure they buy the right appliances that fit within the layout and functionality of the kitchen. We help to identify the model, style, brand, and functionality that goes well with the design the client is trying to achieve. We do not take the responsibility to order the appliances. Some appliances from well known brands require a 12-18 week lead time. This is only a prediction as things change over time.

#4 – Purchasing and Installing Countertops and Backsplash

Having both design and build services under one umbrella, our team ensures a great experience for choosing the right countertop fabricator company for your project. The countertop and backsplash is one of the focal points of the kitchen. These are at times, the first thing that catches the eye of your visitors. The designer’s role is to help to choose the countertop color to go with the color scheme of the kitchen.  They are the ones to make sure the material, color, and pricing is the right selection to fit within your overall vision and budget. The most popular countertops today are granite and quartz due to its durability, longevity and resilience to staining.

#5 – Selection of Lighting 

The lighting design in the kitchens’ work area is a key element to ensure the cook has an appropriate space for prep work. We start with the functionality, circulation, separation and flow. Next, we choose accent and decorative lighting, as well as the finishes and the shades. All of these aspects are considered when choosing the right product and style for the lights in your kitchen.

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