Bathroom Renovation – Beverly, MA


Modern Bathroom

Modern Bathroom Design can be mean different things to different people, but generally speaking, when we refer to modern bathroom design, some of the same concepts and strategies are often found such as geometrical shapes, neutral or basic colors, little to no decorative flourishes, and natural materials. Another feature of a lot of modern-style bathrooms is an open plan, usually involving transparent glass walls around showers. In the example shown the client wanted to use a linear drain and ultra-modern fixtures with classical marble like porcelain tiles that cover entire wall surfaces.

Modern Bathroom Design

Modern bathroom design starts with gathering information about the client’s vision of modern bathroom. Since people have different perception of the word modern, we ask several questions that will be able to define “what is modern for you?” We measure and observe existing conditions and develop a new plan, elevations and specifications. During the process of specifications we search online styles and develop a mood board, which is the starting point of the planning. Clients often go to look at different tiles, fixtures and accessories and we join them if needed. At the end of the selection process we put together a final specifications spreadsheet that is later used as the bases for complete construction proposal.

Bathroom Design and Construction Results

In this bathroom, the flooring was changed to a larger, darker tile that incorporated some lighter gray tones. The wallpaper was changed to a light tile that incorporated darker gray tones. In the end, the bathroom felt much bigger and brighter than it had before. The result was an updated, sleek, and elegant modern bathroom. After the completion of the design, the construction crew had a full set of drawings that clients signed off on and at the same time, these served as drawings for permit to be submitted to the building department.



Project Challenges

The challenging part of this project was not a budget, but making sure everything is to the client’s expectations. Installation of the linear drain went smoothly, however the client was not ready for the maintenance. We used KERDI for linear drain. Before you make a decision about selecting this beautiful design, our recommendation is for the client to read the maintenance manuals.


Our client’s Reaction

Our client was fascinated with the way the bathroom came out. She had a defined vision and knew exactly what she was trying to achieve.


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