Bathroom Renovation
Beverly, MA

Beverly, MA Bathroom Renovation by Pionarch

Project Description

This bathroom remodel was dated and ready to be redone to match with the current time period. The gold accents and the busy wallpaper made the space feel small and dark. The tile flooring was also small and matched the color of the wall paper, making the bathroom feel overwhelming. Bringing this bathroom up to date and giving it a new color scheme was exactly what it needed.

Project Plan

This design build project included a new bathroom layout and interior elevations as well as new lighting, switch, and outlet locations. We took measurements of the existing space, which allowed us to be able to create a demolition plan. By creating this plan, we knew exactly where everything was, which was beneficial when creating the new plan. For the new plan, we were able to keep the locations of the sink, toilet, and shower the same for the plumbing, but just change the fixtures themselves.

Project Challenges

The challenge on this project was to make sure that the HVAC contractor performs his work. Our HVAC contractor went for a vacation and we had to complete this project with another firm. It was a true hassle, but we made sure he completes the job per our standards.

Bathroom Remodel Project Results

In this bathroom, the flooring was changed to a larger, darker tile that incorporated some lighter gray tones. The wallpaper was changed to a light tile that incorporated darker gray tones. By making these switches, there was a contrast to the bathroom, but since both the walls and the floor stayed within the same color palette, they complimented each other instead of fighting with each other. Even though both tiles had different patterns running through them, the patterns were similar enough so that one did not take away from the other. In the end, the bathroom felt much bigger and brighter than it had before. The result was an updated, sleek, and elegant bathroom.

Our client’s Reaction

“I absolutely love the way this bathroom came out”