Church Reconstruction
Ipswich, MA

Ipswich, MA Church Renovation by Pionarch

Project Description

Living Faith United Methodist Church recently had considerable ceiling damage caused by the gradual structural decline over the past 159 years. In turn, this resulted in the entire sanctuary ceiling collapsing in 2018. On account of this parish being built in 1859, we had to complete a full code study to help bring everything to present-day code standards. This study included ADA requirements for wheelchair accessibility for each egress and bathroom throughout the building.

Project Results

The final design consists of two interior wheelchair lifts, each one placed in the front and back exits. Helping people gain access to the first and second floors. Involved in the reconstruction of the ceiling was the essential use of control joints, to help relieve stress caused by shifting or movement, in order for us to prevent another collapse in the future.

Currently, the church is still under construction with a completion date in early 2022.