Deck Design & Construction
S. Hamilton, MA

South Hamilton, MA Deck Design & Construction by Pionarch

Project Description

This deck design and construction of a back deck and beautiful landscaping is the perfect way to complete a yard and a house. It is for joy and an experience during summer time. An installation of a hot tub allows for outdoor recreation and enjoyment during the cooler months. Having a great yard is just as important as having a great house. The design and construction project of the deck and patio area of this project in South Hamilton, Ma, allows one to relax while overlooking the pool and back landscape. It is now time to invite the guests and the neighbors to admire good design, and marvelous details.

Deck Design Project Plan

Our proposed solution to create an outstanding back yard space was to demolish the existing two decks that were falling apart, and add one new deck that was big and functional. We had done a few options of the deck as the client’s original thought was to have a two-tier deck. There would be a dining area on the level right off the house, and the hot tub with another sitting area on the lower level, with steps to the ground level pool area. While this design would have been beautiful and transitioned smoothly from one area to the next, after discussions with the client, we adjusted the budget and gained more space by the pool. The new drawings showed the pattern layout of the pavers around the pool area, the landscaping, and the furniture locations. The plans also included sections through the deck, as well as structural drawings showing the supports and framing.

Deck Design Project Results

After the completion of this deck project, the client has an outdoor space that makes everyone jealous. The single deck offers a grill and a dining area with plenty of space to add more seating if needed. The hot tub is placed along the house when you first walk down the steps from the deck. The pavers start from the deck stairs and blend seamlessly into the pool area. The circulation allows for a large patio area and additional seating. The landscaping surrounds the organically shaped pool and delivers pleasant views for the family and their guests.


The biggest challenge of high end projects is budgeting. When we design to the budget many times the design has to be altered to fit the top margin.

Our Client’s Reaction

“Pionarch Team was excellent to work with. Their attention to detail, professionalism, and workmanship was perfect for both the design and construction. It was nice not worry about the job being done incorrectly, and it was evident that they take pride in their work.”