Four Season Porch Addition
Wakefield, MA

Auburndale, MA Home Renovation by Pionarch

Project Description

Homes are never quite finished. Weather it is a complete renovation or an addition, there is always something that can be done. For this client, there was a need for an addition off the side of their house that could also serve as a four season porch. With a beautiful property and a large back deck, there was just one thing missing. The purpose of this project was to create a contemporary addition that will expend towards the back views of the property.

Sunroom Addition Project Plan

Our proposed solution to create this addition was to locate it on the side of the house, rather than the back or the front to make the entire building seem like it was built that way originally. The client wanted the addition to act as a four season porch. We wanted to make this addition bold and beautiful by using natural materials and colors, as well as using angles to make the space more intriguing. We provided site plans and floor plans of the space so the client could see what the space would look like and how it would affect the existing house. We also provided elevations and sections of the addition to show what the structure would look like from the outside with the angled features.


The challenges of the project were related to site restrictions. The addition had to be placed on tubes vs foundation.

Sunroom Addition Project Results

Our client is extremely happy with this project. She had recommended as for many other clients and we had done a project of second story addition to the neighbor’s house. Even though at first the client did not want to have larger windows from the street as we recommended, she placed them later per our vision and it looks fabulous.

After the completion of this project, the client had a beautiful addition that could also be used as a four season porch. The numerous windows and skylights brought in daylight from all sides of the house, making the room bright and welcoming. The addition blended right into the original house and property, making it look like it really belonged within the site context.