Home Addition, Second Story
S. Hamilton, MA

Auburndale, MA Home Renovation by Pionarch

Project Description

When it comes to adding to an existing house, style is always important. Do you keep with the original style of the home or do you change it entirely? Do you keep some parts the same? In this project we added the second story and we changed the exterior, to a more contemporary design. The focus of this project was to make a home that would stand out.


The biggest challenge was to create a design that allows the client to build the second story without moving to another house which means to be able to build over the existing floor without the need to demolish it.

The scope of this project included:

  • Increasing the footprint of the house by adding new 2-story addition
  • Renovating the existing staircase and redesigning the first floor to include office space.
  • New second floor to include master suite and 2 bedrooms.
  • Specifications for new windows.
  • Coordinating the architectural drawings with the structural set to create complete construction documents.