Master Bathroom Renovation – Hamilton, MA

South Hamilton, MA Bathroom Renovation by Pionarch

Project Description

The scope of work our design team accomplished was renovating two bathrooms for our clients in South Hamilton, MA. One master ensuite and a second bathroom dedicated to the children. We created a new floor layout that fit a washer and dryer unit, all while maximizing as much space as possible in the kids bathroom. Our overall goal was to create dedicated spaces that were functional, yet aesthetically pleasing, for both the parents and the kids. For the master bathroom, creating functional storage was a large component of the renovation. Creating custom cabinets and vanities that included outlets inside the drawers was a nice feature to have for our clients to decrease the look of clutter, while enhancing the aesthetically pleasing look they were striving for.


One challenge we had while designing these two bathrooms was fulfilling all of the clients requirements in a functional manner. The clients were looking to create room for a washer/dryer in the children’s bathroom and room for a makeup vanity in the master bath, all while trying to create a space that didn’t feel too small. Building tall storage units and vanities was the ideal way for us, to optimize the space while creating as much storage as possible.