Office Interior Design
Newton, MA

Project Description

Pionarch is a commercial interior design firm located in Massachusetts. The office interior design of the project in Newton, MA is an example of small office space fit-out done for a start-up technology company that Pionarch -the Commercial Interior Design Firm, MA has configured quickly and efficiently. Working closely with the client we created a pleasing and engaging interior space for their current and potential employees. The firm was interested in modern look with fun colors and reorganized flow. The goal was to layout the space to fit their current and future expansion needs as well as the budget constrains. The process was simply to create three options showing three different configurations of space in schematic design phase. Once the client had decided which is their favorite layout of the space in terms of function, we had picked the materials and selected the ceiling and lighting.

Interior Design Results

We had accomplished the client’s requirement by creating three dimensional renderings showing paint, carpet, furniture and lighting ideas reflecting the concepts of fun and entertaining/multi-functional space. The built-in benches enclose the users giving them privacy and create a pleasant to the eye, yet functional feature that is full of color and positive energy. The colors were selected based on the idea of creating a brand. The actual finished product diverted from the original design due to budget constrains, however, the layout and the main ideas came to reality creating a meticulous, well thought through, functional office space everyone is enjoying. The space is attracting talented individuals looking for desirable work style.

Our Client’s Reaction

“Pionarch had accomplished exactly what we needed to achieve – an office we enjoy every day. It is our second home and this is exactly how we want our potential employees to feel when they enter the space. I would recommend Pionarch for their creativity and the way they work showing three dimensional model with the customers – pleasant and intelligent service with plenty of energy to deal with space challenges and opportunities. Lidia, the head designer at Pionarch, was a pleasure to work with. She is smart, energetic, full of energy and creative ideas, and at the same time she is warm-hearted, kind and makes the entire process fun and easy.”

Slava Rosner, COO
ALM Works