Restaurant Renovation
Salem, MA

Project Description

Pionarch recently completed a design for portico addition and code study to restaurant. Situated in Salem, MA Casa Tequila resembles cultural identity and traditions of Mexico. This research is what helped us decide on the colors, patterns, materials, for this design.

Restaurant Renovation Project Plan

The process of design started with a research about the culture and traditions as well as programming. We worked closely with the client to establish layout of the dining area and the kitchen. The permit set included code analysis of the building including occupancy loads, safety and egress review per use type. The plans had to be approved by Board of Health for the kitchen design and ventilation requirements. We had meet with building officials and members of the Board of Health to review the requirements. By working closely with the city of Salem we made sure the restaurant meet the plumbing code requirements.

We had successfully completed the project on time and budget for phase one. The step two was to get the pergola approved in front of the SRA and DRB. The awnings and pergolas had to be approved and required us to present in front of the board three times.

Restaurant Design Project Results

The permitting process was pretty straightforward. Casa Tequila is now open to the public and adds to the city’s vibe. Casa Tequila had opened the door in February of 2019 and brings people’s attention as it is one of the biggest restaurants in Salem. It is three story high and can host over three hundred people. It is pleasant to sit outside on the pergola covered patio.


The design boards have a high level of expectations and one of the biggest challenges that took a long time is to get the project designs approved in front of the SRA and DRB boards. Since Casa Tequila is in the central district all the projects have to be approved by the boards. We were able to have the board’s agreement on the design after second meeting.

Our Client’s Reaction

“Lidia and her Team had been working with us on the design and going to the boards to present the designs for the portico few times. It was challenging and something that we did not expect to happen, however Pionarch’s Team was able to handle the pressure and get the project approved. I am very satisfied with PIonarch’s design services and if the opportunity arrives, I will use them for my next projects.”

Gilbert Reyes, Owner
Casa Tequila