School Architectural Project
Rowley, MA

Project Description

For this project, we provided floor plans for a permit, as well as a 3D model located on site.  We also highlighted exterior elevations of the new and existing construction additions, sections and architectural details.  Lastly, we delivered a construction cost estimate.

School Project Addition Project Highlights

  • Addition and renovation of existing portions of the first floor of the school
  • ADA compliant bathrooms and common spaces
  • Blend the new aesthetic with the existing structure


  • Verify codes and regulations, IBC 2015, and ADA compliance and zoning
  • Measure the entire building and create a 3D model including the site
  • Develop drawings to be approved before submission (To be discussed during two, two-hour meetings)
  • Assist structural engineer and coordinate the drawings used as a background for the architectural set
  • Prepare a complete set of design development drawings including the floor plans, interior perspective views as necessary, and sections with architectural notes
  • Provide sections and architectural details of the millwork
  • Devise an electrical plan
  • Create a lighting plan depicting switch and outlet locations
  • Produce exterior renderings using 3D views

Project Details

Size: 3,000 sq. ft.

Location: Rowley, MA

Market: School Architecture

Expertise: Code Analysis and ADA Compliance and standards

Project Type: Commercial Interior Design and material specifications