Workplaces after COVID-19

It wasn’t that long ago that people were able to move freely throughout their spaces, meeting with clients, working at their desks, heading out for lunch, or gathering in conference spaces.

But as a result of the recent pandemic of coronavirus, the workplace will never be the same, at least for now and the near future.

There’s an old saying “The more things change, the more they stay the same.” That phrase could soon fade into extinction because of COVID-19 outbreak has and will continue to dramatically and irreversibly change so many aspects of our lives.

What seemed untenable just two months ago could be our new standard now and in the future.

We probably won’t  feel comfortable touching surfaces in public places, shaking hands even with close friends, and standing close to people we don’t know for a long time.

All of us know the impact of COVID-19 today. While the future is difficult to predict and comprehend as we take it day by day, here are a few ways in which organizations may be forced to adapt as part of a post-pandemic model:

In Office Physical Distancing:

These are steps that employees can use to establish social distancing in their workspace.

  • Consider the physical barriers which are in place such as doorways or cubicle walls.
  • Consider establishing temporary barriers such as rolling whiteboards, sealing openings between cubicles*.
  • Where there are no barriers, but the appropriate distance exists, consider placing a visual reminder to maintain social distance.
  • In reception areas, limit the number of seats. Organize seats in such a manner so there is at least 6-feet between seats.
  • Increase distance in waiting lines. Using tape on the ground to indicate the “line starts here” concept and placing tape markers at 6-feet intervals.
  • Use phones, videos, or video conferencing to reduce the need for meetings and other close personal contact.
  • Break Rooms should be managed to reduce communal use. If safe distances cannot be maintained, consider finding alternative areas to take breaks.
  • Keep in mind social distancing also applies in other areas such as vehicles.

Daily Office Health & Cleaning Protocol:

  • Make a clean getaway: Set up stations for proper disposal of masks and gloves as they’re walking out the door.
  • Checking employees temperatures
  • Staying home when sick

Design to Adapt for Covid-19 Rules:

As the world keeps changing so do the people in it, if we can take one lesson away from these crazy and uncertain times is that we as the human population are resilient and we are in it together, we hope all of our past, present and future clients are staying safe.

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