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Commercial Interior Design Services by Pionarch


At PionArch, we offer commercial interior design services for a wide range of businesses. Our goal is to collaborate with a diverse group of clients who share our enthusiasm for creating exceptional spaces. Our expertise lies in utilizing our knowledge and abilities to seamlessly link people with their space. We design to reflect a company’s brand within the space and plan for potential expansion and evolution. Our portfolio features projects from various building types, including:

Corporate Offices I Restaurants I Stores I Private Schools/Day Care Centers I Places of Worship I Medical Clinic

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Our Approach

At PionArch, our experienced interior design team specializes in creating functional and unique commercial spaces. Our process begins by creating moodboards to establish the overall design direction. Next, we carefully select color schemes, finishes, furniture, lighting and accessories, and present them to the client through digital mock-ups or physical samples. We tailor each project to meet the specific needs and goals of our clients, taking into consideration their brand and space character. Additionally, we specialize in branding and we collaborate with graphic designers to ensure that the final product effectively showcases the desired goals.


Our Process

At PionArch, we begin every project with an initial consultation. We visit the site and discuss the project goals with the client. From there, we create a design proposal that outlines the scope of work and design fees. Our design process is collaborative and we involve the client in every step. We gather information and insights through meetings and presentations, and carefully consider feedback before presenting our ideas. We use advanced technologies such as BIM (Revit) and rendering software to showcase the design, and our expertise in 3D visualization and rendering helps to ensure that the design is communicated effectively, and the client’s vision is fully understood.


Unique Interior Design Results

At PionArch, we believe that every project is unique and special, and we take inspiration from our client’s individual stories. Our key to success in creating truly exceptional designs is to involve you in every step of the process and to stay true to your vision and the company’s culture throughout the design. We believe that by keeping you at the center of the design process, we are able to create designs that are both distinctive and meaningful.