Branded Interiors – Pionarch’s Store Design Philosophy

How to develop brand for retail store?

Branding for the future

Branding starts with research about the product, the character of the business, the company values and its is all done for one reason – to attract the customer. The most important reason for the store physical location is how the customer will find the store and how to speak to him/her in three seconds to attract them into the store. It has to scream to them: come here – we’ve got exactly what you are looking for. In this scenario the designer is looking for graphics, finishes, colors. He studies the psychology of buying with this particular customer in mind. What if the store is online? How do you develop a brand through a  website? Where do you start? If you are looking to open up your store online your homework must be done just the same way as if you were creating a physical store. The only difference is – your research begins with google keywords and website domain. If you do not have any idea you should contact someone that can develop the brand for you. There are companies that develop the branding package and the graphics. The problem with choosing someone that is trying to do just your brand may get you into paying for the service twice once you decide to build you physical store.

So…? What should you do? Where should you start?

1.You can do it all by yourself by spending years on trying to find time for it.

2. Or you can go to one stop shop that will create your image much faster and much more effectively.

Come to PionArch  and we will lead you through the process of how we would do it for you. Here is the preview:

  • we interview your company to establish your needs
  • we outline the services in our proposal
  • we sketch and doodle to develop your brand and feel
  • we research keywords for your SEO
  • we come up with name and tagline
  • we create logo and graphics

Idea Development Starts With


Exploration of Ideas Through Media

Success is Often Down to Plan “B”

As a store owner you struggle with the development of your image. Here is what we do to help you determine your selling strategy.

1. Find Things That Interest You

2. What Are Your Products Made Out Of?

3. Find Your Inspiration

Our role in the process of creating store branded interior is often down to bringing the visual knowledge into our design process. We reach out to books written for different fields of science to discover new ways of concept development. The true essence of design is in creative thinking and organization of data.

Grids, Shapes, Boundaries, Flows, Wheels, Spirals etc. – we are surrounded with ideas that make us think “outside of the box.” Let’s look at our famous artist Picasso. What was his phenomena? Could Picasso’s philosophy be an inspiration to a design concept? What was controversial in his analysis that made a change in painting history?



The key to Big ideas

“Big ideas come from the unconscious. But your unconscious has to be well informed, or your idea will be irrelevant.” David Ogilvy

Marbling with Shaving Cream