Commercial Bathroom Design
Woburn, MA

Project Description – Commercial Bathroom Design

Pionarch specializes in commercial interior design services for our corporate customers. Nupath is a non-profit organization serving people with disabilities and brain injuries. The design for the restrooms for people with special needs require ADA code requirements review as well as careful selection of materials. The commercial bathroom design must be functional and durable. Pionarch has been serving companies like Nupath focused on providing special services for their clients. We had helped them create branding and company standards that will serve their facility manager as a guide in budget allocation for future years.

Commercial Branding

Branding of the space means coordination of the interior space and finishes with the logo and company image. The messaging may implement the company unique service, colors and tag line. We had a huge success with creating big word art and unity light for this particular project involving community members in the design process. The clients of Nupath were able to participate in the projects as part of their workshops.

Pionarch is passionate about making people’s life better through design of their spaces. We are here for you to create spaces that meet your style and needs.