Luxury Home Trends

The meaning of luxury home has evolved throughout the years. Nowadays, the interior design of luxury homes is meant to not only live, but play, entertain, relax, and work. In addition to what has been said, luxury homes are custom-built residences that fit the unique needs of your design and lifestyle. While they still maintain a sense of elegance, luxury homes are becoming less formal, as they are more casual, comfortable, and family oriented. Luxury homes no longer need to be huge to be attractive; their features today are tailored to the needs and preferences of our era. Open floor plans, areas for entertaining, and outdoor living spaces now take precedence over size. Being close to nature has become increasingly desirable as people pay more attention to their health and well-being. What’s more, many luxury homes are now designed with energy efficiency in mind, constructed using modern materials and technology that prioritize both environmental impact and life cycle cost savings.

Luxury Home Trends of 2023

Many homeowners are looking to upgrade their homes with modern touches and luxurious amenities. 2023 is already pushing designers to be innovative and come up with new trends in interior design. The Luxurious Farmhouse style has been dominating the real estate market, with many reporters highlighting these lavish homes in their writing. From custom-built pools to energy-efficient systems, these luxury home trends are pushing the boundaries. It’s thought that the current trend in luxury homes is “bigger and better”, yet homeowners are yearning for something more than just a bigger home.

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Luxury Home Floor Plans

When looking for a luxurious home, floor plans are a crucial part of the process. Floor plans provide a detailed layout of the home, allowing you to envision yourself living in the space. Natural light is essential to the physical, emotional, and mental health of human. Some modern features include floor-to-ceiling windows, and reflective and large stone surfaces, grand fireplaces, multiple large master suites, bedrooms with individual bathrooms, and spa bathrooms. Some houses include fitness room, sauna, and steam showers. Some additional exterior features have spacious decks, patios, gazebos, or sunrooms. Kitchens remain a major focal point and a center for family gatherings and entertainment. Not only does the aesthetic of the kitchen matter, but also its connection to a sprawling outdoor area with a pool and pool house.

Luxury Home floor plan by Pionarch

Luxury Home floor plan by Pionarch

Premium Materials- Exterior Elegance

The exterior of your home should be as elegant and beautiful as the interior. We highly recommend creating continuity from the outside in and inside out. The usage of premium materials is essential for creating a luxurious look. Whether you’re looking for stone, brick, siding, or other exterior accents, high-quality materials can help you create a stunning exterior that will draw attention and create a stunning curb appeal. Premium materials are durable and they will ensure your home remains in good shape for years to come.

For instance, porcelain tiles reformed the industry and are used on the exterior facades as well as inside the house. Porcelain has increased standard sizing making a huge impact on industry trends. Consentino, for example, has come up with an amazingly durable material called Dekton. The material is extremely durable and comes in as little as 2 mm thickness. Making it the perfect material to use on both the interior and exterior of your home.

Modern dwellings are now integrating cutting-edge technology materials for the siding rather than traditional approaches. In the last couple of years, siding has evolved significantly, leading to more captivating and aesthetically pleasing facades with intricate and clever detailing. The materials that gained the most popularity are metal roofs and cable railings. Some other trends include ship-lap siding, high-density PVC siding and decking materials.

Luxury Farmhouse Restoration project by Pionarch

Luxury Farmhouse Restoration project by Pionarch

Natural Light – Large Windows

In order to harness the multitude of benefits that natural light can offer our physical, emotional, and mental well-being, the architect must carefully consider such elements as the size of the windows, the path of the sun, the positioning of large trees, the daily movement of light through the house at various times of the day, and the vantage points from which the views can be enjoyed.

Thinking strategically about the location of the windows is the key to success in controlling the light. A floor-to-ceiling window can do the trick if you would like to feel the connection to the outdoors. Large windows open up to views and bring nature indoors so the user can have a deeper connection with their natural surroundings.

When it comes to furniture placement, having too many windows can be a major problem. Direct sunlight can fade paintings, and discolor floors and furniture, so it’s essential to consider the best location for windows to avoid any damage. Careful considerations have to be made, and sun-detracting window film shall be used on the south side of the building if the large windows are desirable and appropriate to use.

Image Source: Toshiko Mori & Annie Fleming via

Image Source: Toshiko Mori & Annie Fleming via

Interior Finishes Speak to The Luxury of Your Home

Interior finishes can enrich the look of your home. Wallpaper and wall treatments are one of the most popular trends, adding texture and style to a room. Natural materials such as wood, stone, and tile are also being used more often as a way to create warmth and visual interest. Neutral colors and palettes are being used more often in interiors, as they provide a soothing backdrop and can be easily accessorized. Patterns, both geometric and organic, are also making their way into interior design, providing a unique accent to any space. With so many trends to choose from, it’s easy to make any interior stylish and inviting.

Due to their incredible resilience and minimal upkeep requirements, natural stone, quartz surfaces, and quartzite countertops and slabs are becoming increasingly sought-after in the world of home design. Natural stone and quartz come in a wide variety of colors, textures, and patterns, making them versatile for any style of home. This year, natural stone finishes have surged in popularity, particularly those that offer unique hues and patterns – and the trend shows no sign of slowing down in 2023. The natural beauty of travertine, marble, exotic granite, soapstone, and limestone also make some of the most sought-after stone elements.

A luxury interior may feel spacious, bright, and sleek, but at times it may reflect a traditional style with heavy millwork and decorative elements.

Metal Finishes

Gone are the days of using one single finish for all the hardware and plumbing fixtures in the home. Introduce a stylish and modern touch to your interiors with a mix of metal materials and natural warm-tone finishes, like wood. Don’t limit yourself to the kitchen and bathroom – make use of metal surfaces, such as doorknobs, curtain rods, light fixtures, hinges, and more, throughout the home for an on-trend, eye-catching look.

Chandeliers and lamps are not only adding lighting and texture to the interior canvas, but they can massively transform a room. Rapid advancements in technology allow for mixing materials, especially in contemporary design. Where there is much more room for creativity and revolution of the current styles.

Image Source:

Image Source:

Bathroom Trends

A spa bathroom is a great way to create an oasis in your own home. These luxurious bathrooms feature top-of-the-line amenities, from spa tubs and steam showers to heated floors and aromatherapy. With soft lighting, natural textures, and calming colors, these bathrooms offer a relaxing retreat for busy lives. In addition to providing a place of relaxation and rejuvenation, spa bathrooms can also add value to your home. This great investment will not only give you the ability to enjoy a spa-like experience every day, but it will also increase the resale value of your home.

Master Bathroom Renovation by Pionarch

Master Bathroom Renovation by Pionarch

Kitchen Trends

A customized interior comes together from an inspired architect and interior designer. Interior trends that can be found on Pinterest are great as a starting point, but kitchen design that is done well must not come from a photo. Designers and homeowners work together on personal styles for the family or individuals. An inspired interior requires a careful understanding of daily life and people’s activities in the space. The client indicates what their comfort zone is and that starts from layout to cabinet colors.

This coming year the kitchen will continue to be the main focal point of the house and the most expensive part of the house to design and build. This year white shaker-style cabinets are not going to dominate the design. European cabinet makers found a way to capture traditional styles through different cabinet front profiles and colors.

Kitchen flooring also continues to evolve. The most durable and low-maintenance flooring material is porcelain tile and in luxury homes, it will remain a top pick for flooring. Some people will continue to choose timeless stone, but most houses will continue to have porcelain tile.

Image Source: Derek Swalwell & Holly Penthouse | Tom Robertson Architects via

Image Source: Derek Swalwell & Holly Penthouse | Tom Robertson Architects via

Luxury Home TakeAway

Luxury homes have truly come a long way since their beginnings. Now, they are designed to provide the ultimate comfort and style, while also creating an atmosphere ideal for entertaining, relaxing, and enjoying nature. Thanks to modern technology and materials, these homes are not only energy-efficient but cost-effective too, which makes them a popular option that will last for years. So, if you’re seeking to elevate your living experience, why not invest in a luxury home today?

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