Architecture for Schools

Architecture for Schools

Montessori School Design, Rowley, Ma

The purpose of this project was to design an addition for an existing elementary school in Rowley.  The expansion has to accommodate two upper classes with additional handicap accessible bathrooms. The essence of the school design lies in proper research about the school concepts of learning. (

Linked by a common philosophy, each private Montessori school is nonetheless unique, therefore the design is unique as well. It may be housed in a small, homelike setting, on an expansive campus, or surrounded by gardens that hold discoveries for every age. Individual schools may be part of a larger entity, often a nonprofit agency or religious institution. Some schools offer parent/infant classes, in which parents learn to observe their child and meet his needs in the Montessori way.

Pionarch has a mission to design to the needs of the people. We create functional spaces rooted in the place philosophy and natural setting. Schools accommodate outdoor activities. The architect for school must investigate the environment before they decides on the looks and feel of the building and its interior environment.


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