Reclaimed House Construction
Ipswich MA

Project Description

The main design goal for this project was to give the client a contemporary home using reclaimed materials. There are many contemporary elements to this project, from colors and materials, to structural elements and furniture. For example, notice in the photographs that most of the interior is white, using wood as an accent on the first floor. On this level there is also an alluring sitting area that allows for an interesting change in elevation. When you reach the second level of the space, new colors and experiences are introduced. With a mezzanine-style work space, a barn door, and a ladder to a small private space, to name a few interesting things, you gain a unique understanding of what a home can be like on the inside.

Reclaimed House Project Plan

The plan for this house was done for the reason of incorporating reclaimed wood pallets anywhere possible. The tiles were picked up from any possible resources. Most of the ideas were created by the client and his vision of his space. Pionarch Construction crew worked on the woodwork and the tiling.

Bathroom Remodel Project Results

Aside from the playful areas, there is a uniqueness to the space do to the structure of this space. Exposed collar ties add a noticeable level of detail to this double height space. The guard rail above the sitting area, as well as the rails used on the staircase utilize horizontal wire barriers rather than the typical balusters seen in traditional homes. The aesthetic of the staircase itself is quite uncommon. Using the hardwood of the treads to create a pattern, this staircase is very contemporary. Another way this staircase breaks the mold is that it isn’t aligned to any walls. It’s not orthogonal in any way.


This project had its own challenges but by far was one of the most creative we had worked on.

Our Client’s Reaction

“This house is a resemblance of me, my nature and my crazy ideas. It is my true dreamland”