Full Home Renovation
Auburndale, MA

Wakefield, MA Home Renovation by Pionarch

Project Description

The purpose of this addition was to make more space for a growing family and gave style to the house. The second story addition contains 3 bedrooms (including the master suite), each family member will now have a room of their own. The windows for each room in this addition were placed in a way that would allow for naturally light, adding to the comfort of the clients. As part of this project is a sunroom addition.

Second Floor Addition Project Plan

As you see on the photos of the existing house, the house didn’t have any style and one of the main goals was to give some character to this residence and the client liked the contemporary style so we had used a combination of stucco and wood finishes.The plan was to add a sunroom on the back of the house to create more living space on the first floor and get more view and sunlight on the back side, and move the existing bedrooms and create a master suite on the new second story.