An Introduction to Residential Architecture:

Residential architecture (domestic architecture) is the design and building of residential properties in which people live. By living it means performing every day’s activities, rituals and breathing in the interior air quality contained by the building walls, floors and ceilings. Residential projects include multi-unit, single-family homes, renovations and remodels. 

Residential Architecture Definition:

Creating and designing a home around a person’s wants, needs and personality is an invigorating process that we take great pride in. Residential Architecture is the profession of designing living areas/ homes for people. Different styles and forms create a massive opportunity for every project. Our job as architects and designers is to accommodate the most important aspects of the client’s dream come to life. 

The process of residential architecture is truly a process, we take it step by step and break it down in order to communicate clearly to the client. Our goal is to make sure the client is comfortable and understands exactly what will be accomplished during the process.   

Adding more notes and will edit later: Residential architecture is produced for the social unit either for an individual, a collective group of individuals or a family. It provides shelter that offers security along with functions for life. The functions of residential architecture are constantly adjusting and that goes along with the lives of the user. Residential architecture has transformed from a place to to sleep and prepare food to Sleep, prepare food, entertain and work.